Raw material sales
Steelworks and the foundry (non-ferrous and ferrous group) for the sale of our products :

  • Recarburizers
  • Casting filters
  • Furnace and ladle refractory
  • Foundry binders, resins, mold release agents, alcohol and water based coatings
  • Inoculants
  • Metallic filters
  • Casting furnace hoods systems
  • Nozzles and stoppers
  • Air cleaning filters and control system
    • Steel shot and steel grit
    • Exothermic powder
    • Graphite powder
  • Used foundry machine and equipment for sale
Raw Materials
Raw materials for foundries and steelworks
Steel shot grit
Steel shot and steel grit
Casting filters
Casting filters
Non ferrous
Non-ferrous raw materials