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    To achieve success and show a continuous improvement, we care about all of our team members
    and stakeholders to act correspondingly.
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    We produce innovative ideas, evaluate feasible or not, design and apply.
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The company owners as a Mechanical and a Metallurgical Engineer have combined over 17 years of experience on turnkey projects of machine assembly with plumbing installations, revision and planned maintenance projects of facilities in the field of Heavy Industry, and production and sales of machinery-equipment-supplies and marketing activities in the field of Foundry Industry to adopt to serve a qualified, economical, and delivery on time service as a principle.
With an institutive point of view, our company provide services regarding work safety, global-local laws, ethical codes, and eco-friendly applications.
The most important gain for MSR Engineering Co. is showing an ability to overcome compelling, confusing and exacting jobs regarding the consumers’ budget with a successful service beyond expectations.
With an active environmental consciousness during every phases of jobs to contribute a more green world for the sake of posterity of human meets the values of us.
This sensitivity comes from an awareness for our future.

To serve high quality products and services considering the consumer satisfaction and employee well-being under the respect to society and nature.
To be one of the most recognized, followed and preferred leader company in the field of interest over Turkey and international markets.
In the field of interest in heavy industry, provide a measurable product and service quality compatible with our vision, mission and values,

For this purpose, to be a self -renewable organization regarding to consumers’ needs and expectations,

To determine the consumers’ expectations, make use of clear measures to understand satisfaction level and to put forward necessary actions,

To keep the work processes effectively active all the time, make use of performance tracking methods,

Making an effort to enhance product and service quality in a perpetual manner,

Using effective communicational and educational activity programs in order to generate an experienced and specialized working team as a conclusion,

Giving an active effort to enhance the collaboration opportunities between suppliers and MSR Engineering Co.,

With successful projects, giving contribution to the future of the society,

Being a responsible corporation for a sustainable life and employee rights.

To keep the consumer satisfaction and employee well-being in the foreground
To give importance to ethical values
To be reliable
To serve innovative and cost-friendly solutions to consumers
To perform quick and dynamic response to consumers need
To be able to focus detailed solutions
To be open for innovative solutions
To perform solutions via competent human resources
Being responsible to man-kind and natural life
Sensitive to social events
MSR Engineering Co. is established at Izmir in 2014, to provide an onsite service including;

  • Assembly and disassembly of wide variety of machine types,
  • Plumbing installations to machine assemblies and production of spool,
  • Repair, maintenance and revision of industrial facilities,
  • Project based solutions and consultancy,

to its consumers in Turkey or in abroad specifically including Iron and Steel Industry, Cement Industry, Chemistry and Glass Industry, and Foundries using experienced human resources and technological background.

  • Heavy Profile Alloy Steel Bar – Special Profile – Rail Mill Assembly at Özkan Demir Çelik A.Ş. Aliağa/İzmir
Projects participated in the sector with 17 years of experience are;

Iron & Steel and Cement Industry

  • Thin Slab and Beam Blank Caster Segments in Spain, England, Italy, China, USA for customers SMS Demag/Germany, VAI/ England, VAI/Austria, SMS Siemag LCC/USA,
  • 12”, 16”, 24”, 26” Tube Welding Line in Iran, Wisco, Zimekon, Severstal, Arvedi/Italy for customers SMS Meer/Germany, VAI/England,
  • Piling Machines in ARBED/Luxemburg for SMS Meer/Germany,
  • Bar & Profile Mill and Melt Shop at Iran, Turkmenistan, Metallurgia, Zawody/Turkmenistan, Ardebil/Iran,
  • Spiral Tube Welding Machine at Shengli/China for SMS Meer/Germany,
  • Lower Shell and Ladle for Beshay Steel/Egypt, MMK – Atakas – Fematek, İsdemir,
  • Ladle Turret for Çolakoğlu Metalurji A.Ş.
  • Rotary furnace for Çimsa, Çimentaş.

Crane & Material Transportation Equipment

  • Rubber Tyred Container Crane ( 40 Ton ) – Gemport A.Ş.,
  • Balancer Crane at Ast Terni/Italy and Kranbau/Germany,
  • Ship Loader Gantry Crane at Fujairah/Dubai; Krupp Fördertechnik/Germany,
  • Container Loader & Unloader Gantry crane at Syria, Chile, Germany, Israel, Kocks Krane,
  • Overhead Travelling Crane at Iskenderun Demir Çelik (ISDEMIR).

Chemical & Glass Industry

  • RH and DS Columns, PLM and DT Tanks Manufacturing and Assembly at Mersin Soda A.Ş.,
  • Carbonation Columns at Mersin Sosa A.Ş. Lukavac/Bosna,
  • Sodium Cromite Mill at Mersin Kromsan A.Ş.,
  • Hydraulic Blowing Press Glass Machine at Paşabahçe A.Ş.,
  • OCMI 60 Machine and Floating Glass Line Manufacturing and Assembly at Trakya Cam A.Ş.,
  • Bichromate Unit at Mersin Kromsan A.Ş.,
  • Lime Extinguisher Unit at Mersin Soda A.Ş.

Other Industry

  • Hydro-Electric Power Plant Equipment Manufacturing and Assembly – at Andritz Hydro/Italy,
  • Concrete Pipe Mould Manufacturing and Assembly at Alke AŞ/Turkey, Casagrande/Italy,
  • Side Discharge Damper at Krupp Fördertechnik/Germany and Russia,
  • Bucket Wheel Reclaimer- at Krupp Fördertechnik/Germany.


  • Gemport Port Crane Gemlik- Bursa (2001-2002)
  • Overhead Travelling Crane at İskenderun Demir Çelik- İskenderun (2007-2008)
  • Mersin Lime Extinguisher Unit – Mersin (2009-2010)