• Iron & Steel Industry
    Assembly and starting of light and medium size profile and bar mills, continuous casting plant,
    manufacturing of flat and long products like alloy steel,
    melting shops and 12”, 16”, 24”, 26” tube welding lines in domestic and foreign regions.
    Iron & Steel IndustryIron & Steel Industry
  • Cement Industry
    Assembly and starting of pulverizer mills in every capacity, raw meal and cement mills,
    excitation reducers, body and rings of rotary kilns, pinion and lantern wheels, rotary driers,
    rolling presses, dust holding plants and filtration units, dosage and feeding systems,
    every kind of material silos, rings and roller bad of rotary kilns, overhead travelling cranes,
    and all heavy duty machines like crushers and steel belts.
    Cement IndustryCement Industry
  • Chemical & Glass Industry
    Assembly and starting of machines and equipment for instance lime extinguisher units,
    carbonation columns, calciners, mixers, mills, roller bad, floating glass line equipment, and dampers.
    Chemical & Glass IndustryChemical & Glass Industry
  • Power Plants
    Assembly, disassembly, and revisions of wind turbine,
    thermal and hydroelectric power plants.
    Wind turbineWind turbine
  • Crane & Material Transportation Equipment
    Assembly and starting of container gantry cranes, heavy duty melting shop cranes,
    heavy duty portal cranes, and feeding conveyors in domestic and foreign regions.
  • Sales of raw materials
    Raw materials machine/equipment supply and sales for steelworks, foundry.
    Sales of consumablesSales of consumables
  • Raw materials for foundries and steelworks
    Raw materialsRaw materials
  • Steel shot and steel grit
    Steel shot and steel gritSteel shot and steel grit
  • Casting filters
    Casting filtersCasting filters
  • Non-ferrous raw materials
    Non-ferrous raw materialsNon-ferrous raw materials
MSR Engineering
The company owners as a Mechanical and a Metallurgical Engineer combined their talents, resources and business connections based more than 17 years of experience to start MSR Engineering Corporation in Izmir/Turkey to satisfy the needs for machine assembly-disassembly, installation repair & maintenance, revision and sales & marketing activities of machinery and equipment for foundries in position where needed with highly skilled staff experienced on nationwide and foreign missions.

MSR Engineering Corporation mainly focuses on Iron & Steel Industry, Cement Industry, Chemistry & Glass Industry, Power Plants, Crane & Material Transportation Systems, General Machines & Steel Structures, and Foundry Industry.

Our fields of activity includes assembly & disassembly of wide variety of machines, hydraulic & grease and cooling pipe lines, steel and stainless steel spool manufacturing, maintenance & repair and revisions of industrial plants project management and consultancy, sales of machinery & equipment and consumable materials for foundries and melting shops, answering to steel and non-steel casting needs.

We thank you in advance for your interest to our company.